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When driving in the procession, please turn your regular headlights and 4-way flashers (hazard lights) on, stay close and safe to the car in front of you, and NEVER motion anyone through the procession that is not part of the procession.

Police Motorcycle Escort provides insured motorcycle escort services in Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio. Here are some FAQs about our services:

1. Why do we need an escort?

A procession controlled by a motorcycle escort is the safest way to get a large group of cars from point A to B. Having a motorcycle escort brings additional attention to the procession, helping motorists recognize it and give the right-of-way. Friends and family members may be delayed in reaching their destination if another driver cuts into or through the procession. A motorcycle escort can easily and rapidly find a safe way around any road obstruction such as construction, traffic delays, or accident scenes. If not for the motorcycle escort, the Funeral Director in front may not know what the rest of the vehicles are doing and will not be alerted if the procession gets separated.

2. But what if we're only going a few blocks?

After years of being a funeral escort, we know that being escorted is one of the safest ways to get to your destination, even for just a few blocks.

3. Why do I need my hazard lights and headlights turned on?

State law requires each vehicle in a funeral procession to have its head lights turned on, and have an orange or purple pennant displayed on the vehicle. We have taken on the additional task of asking drivers in the procession to also use their four-way flashers or hazard warning lights. Although it's not part of the law, using four-way flashers help identify the procession as a funeral. With the advent of Daytime Running Lights and the State law requiring headlights to be turned on during rain, drivers may not realize that the line of cars with headlights turned on is part of the ceremony. With hazard lights included, people will identify it.

4. I have daytime running lights. Why do I need my headlights on?

State law requires vehicle headlights to be turned on, not just Daytime Running Lights or high-beam headlights.

5. What do I do if someone cuts into our procession, and is riding along with us?

Get the motorcycle escort's attention, and indicate the vehicle in question. The motorcycle escort will attempt to correct the problem.

6. I'm driving on an on-ramp, about to merge onto the freeway when I see the procession. What do I do?

Slow down your vehicle and adjust your speed so that you do not merge until the last car in the procession has passed. You may want to pull to the berm to yield, for this case.

7. What if I want to exit on the same off-ramp as the funeral procession?

If it's possible to stay away from the highway until the procession has passed, then do so. If not, pull over to the side of the road, but do not remain within the funeral procession much longer than necessary. Remember to watch for the motorcycle escort's directions. He will indicate the safest maneuver to help you yield to the procession.

8. Am I allowed to pass a funeral procession going in the same direction?

You may pass on a four-lane road or street with care unless the motorcycle escort indicates otherwise.

9. Am I allowed to pass a funeral procession going in the opposite direction?

The procession has the right-of-way, and it's illegal to obstruct the path of the procession. Unless the motorcycle escort waves you on, you should slow down, yield to the procession and be cautious of other drivers who are on a stop.

10. Can I cut through a funeral procession?

State Law requires you to yield to the procession. Cutting through it from either direction interrupts the safe passage of people. Also, you may cut into the path of the motorcycle escort or another vehicle in legal use of the highway.

11. I'm at an intersection, a procession is passing through, and my light just turns green. What do I do?

Wait until the procession is clear of the intersection before proceeding. State Law allows a funeral procession to proceed through an intersection with safety, even if the light changes from red to green several times. The only exception would be if you were directed to proceed by a motorcycle escort or a law enforcement officer. Remember to always yield to a funeral procession.

To hire our motorcycle escorts for your loved one's funeral procession, make the request through your funeral director at the funeral home of your choice and mention you want Police Motorcycle Escort to provide the service.