Police Motorcycle Escort
3237 Scioto Run Boulevard, Hilliard, OH 43026

Efficient Funeral Processions Through Proper Traffic Direction and Regulation

Your safety is top priority with expert funeral traffic regulated services by Police Motorcycle Escort in Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio. Request our services and let us help you avoid hazards and situations during your loved one's funeral procession. Our motorcycle escorts serve families and funeral homes in Franklin County and the counties surrounding in central Ohio.

Why Request Our Service?

Many motorists today do not pay enough attention to the road and their surroundings. They are busy using cell phones, texting or adjusting their GPS system and do not notice funeral processions. Such dangerous distractions cause those drivers to disrespect the procession and violate the Ohio Law that gives a funeral procession the "Right-of-Way". Using a motorcycle escort, brings attention to the presence of a funeral procession. By making others aware of the existence of a funeral procession, our escorts can safely guide the procession to its destination. To do this we provide:

  • Safety Lighting on Motorcycles
  • Fully-Insured Harley Davidson™ and Honda™ Motorcycles
  • Police Officer-Trained Escorts (with at Least 250-Hours of Safety Training)
  • Liability Insurance

To hire our motorcycle escorts for your loved one's funeral procession, make the request through your funeral director at the funeral home of your choice and mention you want Police Motorcycle Escort to provide the service.